The struggle is real

So, I’m sitting here in the bathroom  with Chloe while she sits on the toilet trying to poop. I was thinking nothing of it until I realized just what was going on… She was so cute sitting there watching a video of baby goats running around in their pajamas to keep her company, and popping purple grapes into her mouth. It was perfectly normal…. Right?…. Well…. Maybe normal, but it wasn’t until she dropped a grape on the floor by the toilet and quickly grabbed it and popped it into her mouth before I could grab it that I figured she PROBABLY shouldn’t eat while sitting on the toilet… Shoot, if that were the case, she wouldn’t have a reason to get up! Lol 

     After she got up, I went to find a clean pair of panties for her and she bolted into her room as she always does. I called her and she comes waltzing in with the tube of cortizone 10 open and is rubbing some on her naked behind. You should know she has a rash of some sort on her butt cheeks so we have been putting that cream on it…. I just had to shake my head and laugh because she was using it properly and not trying to eat it so there was no logical reason as to why she couldn’t have it, other than that she shouldn’t have it lol

I can honestly say that I never EVER have a dull moment in my house, and I am more than happy about that! I think life is much too short to live it bored, so why let your home be boring? Live up every moment and don’t let little things, like your toddler putting lotion on herself, bother you! Learn to laugh a little more and love a lot more 🙂


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