Let’s eat!

     I’ve been at somewhat of a loss at what to post these past few days. I’ve had some things on my mind to post, but they just weren’t coming together. So I will talk about something I’m most passionate about; food.

     I love to cook, and because we’ve been pretty short on finances, we’ve been looking for places to cut charges. We don’t use a whole lot of tortillas, but I have enchiladas on my meal plan, so I thought homemade corn tortillas would be great! 

     I started out surfing Pinterest for a recipe, which I found, but after making them, I found them to be a little eggier than I wanted. So I bought a bag of maseca and used the recipe on the back. These required a tortilla pressed which I certainly didn’t have lol so what did I do? Put those suckers in between a rigged ziplock bag (I cut off the sides and the zipper part) and squished it with a baking sheet! They came out MUCH better than my first batch! I also made some flour tortillas, but I think I kneaded them too much and they came out really tough and hard.

     Another thing I’ve started making a lot of is crepes. A good friend of ours made us some once, and when he and his wife moved recently, they left us some batter. I decided to try and make some, which I had never done before, and they came out great! So I found a recipe on Pinterest lol and I’ve made them for about 3 days straight! The first day, I put cheese in them and topped them with meat spaghetti sauce. Let me just tell you….. They were DELICIOUS! Like amped up ravioli! Since then, I’ve put strawberry yogurt in them, sour cream and strawberry jam, peanut butter, bananas, and Nutella. They are yummy every way! If you want the recipe, I’ve added the link below. 

Well, I know this hasn’t been the most exciting post, but hopefully you can make some yummy crepes!



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