Watch me cook, watch me eat!

I watch a lot of Food Network, and I mean a lot. I love it! There’s always something I can learn and I definitely always learn something new each time I watch it. Now, if you’ve never watched the network, it’s not just one show. It’s a bunch of different people who have their own show on that network. They each have something different to talk about and do, and they each have their own personality. 

     My favorite to watch is Pioneer Woman. She is down to earth, pleasant to watch, and just a sweet lady. She also has her own blog which she adds from throughout her show. Recently I watched her make these burgers and OMG I wanted one right away! She is so inspiring, I want to cook and eat every time I watch her. 

     Now, since I’ve been watching these shows, I imagine what I would do if I had a cooking show. I’m not super comfortable in front of a camera, but it think I could do it! I’d do a lot of down-home comfort cooking. I’d cook recipes like chicken pot pie, enchiladas, and stew and cornbread. I’d probably call the show “get down with Lindsey!” Lol! I would set it in my home so you could see what a normal persons kitchen looks like and feels like. These people you see on the show might be cooking in their kitchens, but who can honestly say they have two ovens and a 10 burner stove? Or better yet, who just HAS a block of fresh mozzarella in their fridge or a garden of fresh herbs? No, I’d have a show that teaches you how to substitute if you don’t have fresh and which things you can substitute and which items you absolutely need! It would be great! I wouldn’t have out takes, I’d show all the glitches and mess ups so you didn’t feel like an idiot when you messed up! Sure it might be an hour and a half long show but I’d make sure you were entertained lol 

     Seriously, would you watch that? Would you take the time to sit and watch a REAL cooking show? I would for sure. 

     Well, now I need to go finish my turkey and dumpling soup so, enjoy your day!

HAK- Lindsey 


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