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I know they say that people who are pregnant get “pregnancy brain”, which is where they tend to forget things easily or absentmindedly do things like put the groceries in the cabinet instead of the fridge. This is likely because your body is focusing your blood flow to your womb mainly and less to your brain. When I was pregnant with Chloe, it wasn’t that bad. I’d put cups in the fridge and groceries in the cabinet, but nothing too severe. This last pregnancy with Kimberly, I had it worse. I would say something to my husband and he would reply and I would look at him like he was crazy and ask why he said that. Then he would have to tell me that I had just said something second ago, but I would still not remember. 

     Great thing is, it ends after you have the baby!…. Or so they say…

I have “lack of sleep brain”. This has the same symptoms as Prego brain, but way, way worse. For example, yesterday, I remembered my husbands alarm going off, then the next thing I knew, I was waking up to Kimberly waking up to nurse hours later. I rolled over to see if Chris had left yet (I wasn’t sure of the time) and I was utterly shocked to find my 2 year old passed out like a starfish in Chris’s spot! I looked around and saw evidence that she had come in and played in my room for a bit before climbing in bed and going to sleep. I hadn’t l a clue when she came in. Well, this morning, I am again awakened by Kimberly, who was letting me know she was hungry, and was again surprised to find Chloe passed out ON TOP OF ME! Now, I know that, because I’ve been tired, I sleep pretty heavily, but to not remember her climbing on top of me…. That’s pretty impressive! Or pathetic… 

     So, just because you’re not pregnant anymore does not mean that you will be back to your old self. You will never be back to your old self lol but I wouldn’t ever want to be 🙂

HAK- Lindsey 



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