Break it down.

As a mother, I feel like I have to keep it all together all the time. Not so much my children being well behaved and such, but my emotions and image. Mothers are supposed to be strong and be able to handle stressful situations, therefore I shouldn’t be going crazy…. Right? Well, no, not right…

Moms have one of the hardest jobs I know of. I didn’t realize it until I became a mother of two, but now I understand completely. Moms have to keep their cool even when the kids are screaming at them and crying. Moms have to get dinner cooked even when the baby has to be fed and the toddler is coloring all over the walls. Moms have to be strong when their babies fall and scrape up their knees. But when do moms ever get a break from all of that? Well, they don’t. They are always on the job 24-7 and it really is a full time job. So, when do we get to let go a little?

    Last night, I talked about how stressed I felt at home for the first time to someone other than my husband. Before then, I felt like I couldn’t tell people that I got mad at my kids sometimes or that I felt like I was angry at them when they weren’t listening. I finally realized that it’s ok to break down. It’s ok that you accidentally raised your voice at your screaming toddler. It’s ok that you just shut yourself in another room until you calmed down. It’s ok! We’re not all perfect, and sometimes we snap! Granted, I’m not proud of the times I snap, and I feel terrible afterwards because half the time, she just needed some lovin, but we aren’t made of steel. It’s not easy to keep your composure while you’re on the phone and your kids are yelling in your ear to get your attention. So why is it that society puts the pressure on moms to constantly have their kids “in check” and at the same time, keep from strangling them? My word to non-parents is, if you don’t have kids, don’t talk. You have no room to talk if you have never been there. I won’t lie, I used to be one of those people who thought “man, that kid needs a spanking” while walking by a kid throwing a fit in the grocery store. I would automatically assume that it was the parent not doing their job. Well, now I know that sometimes you just can’t do much about it, and sometimes the kid is just tired. So, don’t judge until you’ve been there.

     To sum it all up, I will say it again, it’s ok to break down. We are all human and all of us need to just lose it sometimes. If you have to just sit down and cry and go a little “crazy lady”, that doesn’t mean you have failed, it means you’re doing the best you can and that you’re not giving in to everything your child wants. If you’re not a little insane at times, you’re obviously not a mom. 

Be strong – Lindsey 


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