Because I’m happy

One of my daughters favorite songs is “if you’re happy and you know it”. She adds clap your hands, stomp your feet, touch your nose, you name it, she’ll do it. Well, today, she was crying in the car and I had called Chris and had him on the car speakers. He started singing that song and with each line, she would smile a little more until she finally was laughing and singing along. Just a few lines of a happy song completely changed her mood! And it made me realize how great my life really was.

     I AM happy! Even on my worst days, I always have something to be happy about. My family, my home, my friends, etc.. So why did I act not happy some days? Well, I want that to change, I don’t want to seem upset or disappointed with my life. I’m not, so why should I look that way?

     I challenge you, next time you’re having a bad day, sing that song and be silly with it! Keep singing it until your mood changes! I am going to do it simply because I’m happy 🙂



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