At wits end.

All I can do is sit here and say over and over ” I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”…. All things meaning not go completely insane and crazy-lady on my 2 year old refusing to go down for a nap. Screaming and crying while she sits in her room. I am not for cruel punishment at all, and I don’t believe she’s going to be in any danger with me letting her sit there. I’ve done all I can, and the last thing I’m gonna do is give in and let her get up! She would win, and then this battle we’ve been going through would be completely worthless.

     At this point, I’m pretty sure it’s in our best interests for us to be in opposite rooms. I love my baby girl more than you know! Which is why she can’t win this battle. 

     Kids need to know who’s in charge and how to obey. Yes she’s two, for all of you who say “oh but she’s only two! She’s just a baby!”, which means she’s plenty old enough to do what she’s told. I will not be pushed around by a toddler, not gonna happen. 

     If this post offends you, I’m sorry. We all do what we think is best as parents, but we don’t have to all do it the same. For those who are in the same boat as me, I’m sorry. Hang in there because it does end! And I’m speaking to myself as well. You really are doing your child a favor by not letting them win. In the long run, you will be thanking yourself, and in the longer run, they will be thanking you.

     On that note, thank you mom and dad for not letting us win those battles. Thank you for spanking us and making us learn the importance of obedience. On a side note, I wish you would have videoed all of these types of situations so I could see how you handled them. 

     I will close with this, God gave you your children for a reason, and he knew you were the best parent for them. So don’t stress over the moments where you want to strangle them and yourself, but remember the sweet things about them and try to go at it with a calm, kind heart. No it’s not easy, and yes we all snap and make mistakes, just remove yourself from the situation before you make a mistake you will regret. Anger and frustration can be powerful emotions, and the outcomes are not always good. 

Stay strong – Lindsey 



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