Let it go

Before I had kids, I would see the moms whose kids had food all over their shirts and snot running down their noses and think “my kids will never look like that”. Well, fast forward two years and I am one of those moms. Not necessarily in that exact situation at the moment, although I have been many times, but similar.

     Yesterday, Chloe was playing outside with a friend, and then something so insane happened. Let’s rewind to the day before. Chloe had been eating a LOT of binding foods such as bread, pasta, and cheese, so she was a little…. Um…. Stopped up. So, Chris gave her a glass of prime juice. The whole day goes by and it hasn’t worked its way through, but we didn’t worry about it. Yesterday morning, she was still having trouble, so I gave her another glass of prune juice. I had thought that Chris gave her watered down juice, so I just gave her full strength juice… Well, he had in fact given her full strength…. Now, back to play time. She was in the backyard with a friend, and my friend who was inside with me said “oh, Chloe’s pooping I think” and I said “ok that’s fine” thinking that she had been needing to go anyway so I would just let her go. She started to come inside, and I saw it. It was the biggest mess I’d ever seen from her! It was down her legs, all over her feet, all over the back patio, and about to be in my house. This was one of those times that my before-kid-self was referring to. Instead of freaking out, I just did what I’m pretty sure my mom would have done. I took her to the side of the house, turned the faucet on, and stuck her under it. Sure it was a little messy, but I definitely got the job done, and I didn’t have to clean my bathtub afterwards! But that’s not all.

    Lately, Chloe has been wanting to help me with chores like the laundry, dishes, and changing the baby’s diaper. She is strangely fascinated by the baby’s poop. Today, I found her opening a diaper and almost playing in the poop! Then, she was helping me with dishes, and I look over to find her eating the food that was left stuck on the dishes! My initial response was to get onto her and freak out because, let’s be honest, that’s disgusting. But, at that moment, I just laughed, put my hands up, and said “that’s gross, but whatever!”. I figured that if it was nasty, she’s spit it out, and I was right!

     Some days, I can follow her around and make sure she’s staying clean and isn’t eating crap (sometimes literally), and other days, I just decide I need to let it go.

P.S. You’re welcome for now having the way over played Frozen song running through your mind 🙂



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