Not just biscuits 

There comes a time when you have to learn to let things go. There’s a time a place for it, and it’s a great lesson to learn. But there’s also a time where you need to find ways to do things for yourself, so that you don’t freak out over small things. 

     I hit that point in my life this evening. I was making dinner, and running a little behind, and I asked my husband to come help make biscuits. Now, you should know that I have been in the mood for nice, big, flakey biscuits all days. My husband had never made biscuits before, so I was explaining the steps and then let him go. Well, he didn’t remember a very important step, and I knew they would not be what I had been wanting, and it was too late to turn back now. 

     A normal person would have just made do and realized it was just biscuits and went on. Well, not me. I threw a little hissy fit. I a grown woman with kids, threw a little toddler fit. To me, they were not just biscuits. They were a representation of the one thing that I could have that I wanted. Having kids, my main focus is them and my husband. I don’t get “me” time. I share most of my meals with a 2 year old, and I skip meals sometimes just so I can have a clean house. So when I finally have the chance to get what I want, like biscuits, it’s a pretty big deal! 

     But after I was done pouting, I realized that I was being ridiculous and that I needed to find some other way to do things for myself. That way, things like biscuits didn’t have such a sentimental place in my life.

     I’m still working on finding that one thing, but at least I’ve realized my downfall and I’m working to turn it around! 

     Oh, and the biscuits served their purpose just fine 🙂  



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