Oh what a day

Today started out like any normal day would… Kinda.

I woke up at 7 to my toddler climbing in bed with us. We quickly fell back asleep until my 2 month old woke me up so I could feed her at 8. While feeding her and looking at my calendar, I realized that my husband was supposed to be at work at that very moment, even though he thought he didn’t have to be there until 9. So, with baby on boob, I rushed in to wake him up which woke up my toddler. So that started our morning.

It was a good morning. We went to the park and took a nice walk with a friend, then we went home and had lunch, flew a kite, and then my girls took a nap. While they napped, I got dishes done and laundry folded. I was feeling very accomplished and satisfied with how my day was turning out. Both girls had been in fantastic moods all day which was keeping my spirits high as well. When they woke up, I fed the baby again then we went to run a few errands. By the time we got home, it was about 3:00 or so, and that’s when things started to go a little south…

Chloe has been doing great with potty training, but for some reason, today she just was out of her element or something. We went through several pairs of panties today. Well, she peed all over the kitchen floor, then went and peed all over the bathroom floor. So at this point, I’m doing my best to get the pee cleaned up before she starts tracking it all over the house. At around 5:00, it was time to start dinner. So I’m pan searing some chicken, boiling pasta, and trying to feed the baby all at the same time. I finally get the baby fed and I lay her down in the living room so she could finish filling her diaper. Chloe then informs me that she has to pee so, excited that she told me before she wet herself, I rush her to the bathroom. When she was done, she cleaned it up all by herself (which she had peed AND pooped). For this, she was rewarded with a prize of two little Smarties. So, I’m finishing up dinner, and Chloe comes in very proud of herself and tells me that she put “it” in baby’s mouth. I asked her what she meant and she smiles and says “put candy in baby’s mouth!”. I FREAK out and rush into the living room to find the baby, still laying on the floor, trying to spit something out. I finger swept her mouth and retrieved a Smartie from her cheek! Chloe was so happy that I had gotten the candy back for her! (don’t worry, she didn’t get the candy back). I was mortified… Granted, I probably should have thought all of my actions through a little more, but can’t a momma get a break every once in a while? So, after I handle that situation, I put Chloe in her highchair (away from the baby) and gave her dinner. Don’t worry, the crazy is NOT over…

While she’s eating, I went to finally change the baby’s diaper and I hear Chloe starting to throw her food onto the floor. I went over and asked “why did you throw your noodles on the floor?” and she replies (with a much too sweet simplicity) “no mama, not noonles, chicken!”….. I look, and sure enough, she had thrown only the chicken on the floor. Trying to keep from laughing at the fact that my not even two year old had just corrected my questioning, I ask “okay then, why did you throw your CHICKEN on the floor?”. Again, she simply replies “I dinint want it.”. Well of course…. why else would she have thrown it off of her tray?

After dinner, we sat in the living room floor, and started playing with the baby. I said “here, I’ll just put a blanket down for baby to play on”, and as soon as I get it spread out, Chloe sprawls out on it and says “Oh THANK you mama! Thank your for the blanket!” and begins to roll around on it. I tell you, this girl cracks. Me. Up… At this point, I’m crying laughing so hard at things she keeps doing, so I call my mom to tell her about it, and Chloe sits on my legs and pees…. yes, PEES ON MY LEGS. Then she looks up and smiles and says “mom, I peed”. Yes Chloe, I am VERY aware that you just peed! So I send her to the bathroom to finish going potty ON her potty and, minutes later, she returns and holds out her hand. I look, and my child has brought me her POOP!…. Just hands it to me like a gift and says “look! I poo poo!”…. Safe to say it was bath time.

Chris had informed me earlier that he was going to be home late from work, and after the poop incident, I was doing all I could to keep calm and just take one thing after the other. these types of things went on until her walked in the door, and then she turned into a sweet angel! No peeing in her panties, no arguing (much), goes potty IN her potty, and goes to bed without a fuss.

I swear, Chris probably thinks I lie about all of the crazy things that girl does all day because every time he comes home, she turns from crazy child to sweet little daddy’s angel. But at least she was being sweet all day!

I just want to conclude my day with a few bits of advice. First, don’t leave your baby on the floor while your 2 year old is running around with small objects of food. Second, if your toddler is in the bathroom alone, go check on them after 5 seconds of silence. Third, video tape your child’s crazy behavior so that people believe you when you tell them all of your stories. I hope this helps for all of you moms with two young children (or more). You should know that I am now veggin’ out on my couch with both girls sleeping… I have survived.



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