Banana Muffin Morning

This morning started out much differently than I originally wanted. Chloe was up at 6, then before either of us could get back to sleep, the baby woke up at 6:45. I fed her which led to being up for another hour with all the diaper changing and what not. So, once I got the baby happy again, and she crashed, Chloe and I decided it was time to get up. I brewed a nice, fresh, hot pot of coffee and got both of us a fresh, homemade banana muffin that I made last night. I got my coffee, and we headed outside to enjoy the cool morning air only to find out that it was 54 degrees outside, just shy of “cool”. So, back inside we went. We bundled up, and headed back out. That is where we are at this moment, and I’m am strangely okay with the fact that I was woken up much earlier than I wanted to be. 

     Sure, I’m freezing my butt off, even with pants, socks, and a jacket on, but I miss mornings like this. There’s just something beautiful about the sounds that surround you in the fall mornings. There are birds singing, dogs barking in the distance, and the faint sound of tires against asphalt from the nearby highway. The best part about a morning like this is that you can just sit and ponder whatever your happy self feels the need to ponder. Or, you can just sit and let your mind be empty and not have to think, or worry, about a single thing. The morning doesn’t last long, so enjoy an hour or so of peace. Don’t let yourself fret over what the day may hold, just breath and let your mind enjoy a few moments of calmness. 

Thank you, Mom, for teaching us how to relax and enjoy the morning. You never did anything to teach us, you showed us by example. 



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