Distance makes the heart grow fonder 

I know so many women who don’t like to leave when their husbands are home or when they’re going to be off work. They spend every second they can with them, and feel like they’re doing something wrong if they don’t. Well, let me give you something to mentally chew on.

     Now, I’m not saying I don’t like to spend time with my husband when he’s home, in fact, it’s just the opposite. I love when he has a day off and I hate being gone from him, but a trip here and there actually strengthens our relationship. When I’m gone, he gets a chance to see what all I do for him, and I get a chance to remember how important our time together is. I force myself sometimes to take trips, sometimes several back to back, simply because I love how close we are when I get home. 

     I take a lot of mini vacations to see my family a few hours away, and Chris hardly ever gets to come with me. Sure I miss him like crazy, but since I’ve been taking these trips, we’ve gotten to where we don’t take each other for granted and we appreciate all that the other does for us. It’s important to remember who you are on your own and remember that your husband is your best friend. 

     Sometimes you have to get a chance to really miss someone to remember how important they are to you. So I urge you, spend a few nights away from your spouse every once in a while and see just what it does for your relationship.



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