I grew up in a fairly religious household up until I was in my teens. We wore shorts over our one piece swimsuits and under dressed, our shorts were no higher than fingertip, our jeans had to be pinch able on the thighs, our necklines could never dip, and we never EVER went trick or treating. We weren’t necessarily prudish, after all, we had friends that were allowed to do all of that stuff. Heck, we gave out candy at Halloween, we just weren’t allowed to go. I’m not really sure the whole reasoning behind why my parents didn’t let us go (it may have been a safety thing), but in my mind, it was celebrating the devil and that was bad! But then we grew up.

     Once we got older, my parents beliefs changed (thank god), and we were soon seen wearing more revealing, but always modest, clothing. We were also allowed to go trick or treating. Now that I’m married with kids, I take them out on Halloween. Free candy! Who wouldn’t want that!? And when your kids are too young to eat a lot of candy, that’s free candy for YOU! But seriously, if you are one of those stuck up religious folk who don’t believe in “celebrating the devil”, get over it! You’re not sitting around in a cult chanting and worshipping Saran! And if you are, get off my blog! Lol but really, it’s just a time when people dress up scary and go get free candy… So do yourself a favor and go have some fun 🙂 at least pass out candy! 



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