Virtual picture hoarder

We all have a few of those to-die-for pictures that just can’t be let go of. It’s either that baby bath tub picture or the spaghetti dinner photo. Whatever the situation, it’s too cute to toss. But can you ever have too many favorites?

     I, ladies and gentlemen, am a virtual picture hoarder. I can take thousands of pictures with the intent to print them for the photo album, but they end up collecting pixel dust (see what I did there? Lol) in my phone. Months later, my phone is alerting me that my storage is almost up so, I have to clean out the pictures….. Yeah right…

     One after the other (sometimes the same picture just a different color), I find myself unable to delete the pictures because I’m afraid of losing that one special photo. I guess it’s a curse of having the cutest kids ever, but I’ll just say, if I printed them all out to put into books, I’d have way too many picture books!

     Now, not all of the pictures are special, or even legible for that matter. Many of them are products of my toddler gone wild with my phone. I find head shots, which are actual pictures of just the top of her head, feet shots, carpet pictures, you know where I’m going with this. But it’s never just one! It’s usually 4-5 of the same thing. Sometimes it’s like looking at a frame by frame movie. Each picture is slightly different, giving the idea of movement. But even some of those are too funny to get rid of, so then what?

     I’ve begun downloading my pictures into snapfish, an online photo store. You can download your pictures and later order copies and even make products such as mugs or blankets. It’s an easy way for me to get rid of my pictures off of my phone without actually getting rid of them. Will I ever go and print out copies of every picture? Eh, probably not. But just the thought that I have that capability, and that my favorite pictures aren’t lost, puts my crazy photo-hoarder mind at ease. 

So, don’t stop taking pictures, just find an alternate storage space for them 😉



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