Why moms would make great store mangers.

As I was shutting down my home for the night, a came across an interesting thought; moms would be great store managers, and here’s why.

First, we have to watch over our, and sometimes others, kids and make sure they aren’t getting into stuff or doing something they’re not supposed to be doing. This is kind of like watching over your employees, only you can’t spank them and you don’t have to fish crap out of their mouths every 5 seconds. Next, we have a full time job as a home manager. We make sure the house is clean, whether its us or our children doing it, we run errands such as making bank deposits and post office trips, we solve problems such as getting things fixed in the home, and we feed our family when necessary ;). Another reason we would be great managers is because we aren’t pushovers (well, some of us aren’t), we can’t be. If we let our kids make all of the decisions and push us around, our household would be chaos. Therefore, we know when to say no, and when to let things slide. Last, but not least, we are very diligent about locking up. I know that I personally make sure all of the doors are locked and the alarm is set before going to bed.

So, based on these reasons, I’d hire me as a manager somewhere! Sure, I may be thinking way outside the box, but that’s how great people are found! So join with me, hire moms managers!…. ha just kidding, but seriously, I’d be a great manager! 🙂

Oh, and just for the heck of it, here’s a totes adorbs picture of my baby!



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