Normal bedtime routine. Vs . A mom’s bedtime routine.

Normal routine:

Hmm it’s 10:00, I guess I’ll go to bed!

  • Turn off tv
  • turn off light
  •  brush teeth
  • get undressed
  • go to bed.

A mom’s routine:

Hmm it’s 10:30 and both kids are asleep! I’ll finally get to sleep before 11:00! 

  • Turn off light
  • Remember the laundry outside and swap it
  • Go tuck kids in
  • Get teeth brushed
  • Get undressed and notice flabby pregnancy induced belly
  • Do some sort of work out so you feel better about that flab
  • Try not to think about what DIDN’T get done today
  • Get in bed and fish toys out from under your blankets
  • Lay there thinking about what needs to get done tomorrow 
  • Have so much on your mind you can sleep
  • Fall asleep around 11:30 like every night.

😑 yep…….  But then I remember why I do this every night ❤️❤️❤️



There’s no such thing as terrible 2’s.

Ever since I got pregnant with my first kid, I was bombarded with warnings about the upcoming age challenges. The biggest, most popular age challenge myth is the dreaded terrible twos. I say myth because I grew up in a family where you weren’t allowed to be terrible, no matter how old you were. I have also seen my siblings offspring behave like normal human beings at age 2, so I know it’s not all children. As my sweet Chloe got older, the more I prided myself on knowing that she was the sweet one among her friends. She has always been well behaved, and she knows to obey without me having to go berserk on her. Now, I didn’t do it all on my own! But it doesn’t take an army to train your child. However, I will say that when Chloe turned two, there was a definite change.

It was as if someone took my sweet little girl and replaced her with a replica made out of a ball of emotions! I quickly realized why people called it terrible twos. But, I saw it in a different light (thank you mom), which gave me the opportunity to deal with it in a way that helped her cope with all of her new feelings. I don’t call it “terrible twos”, I prefer to call it the “troubled twos”. I say this because these poor toddlers aren’t trying to be bad. There’s not a “demon spawn” switch that was flipped on their 2nd birthday. They simply are misunderstood. They can finally, physically and mentally, do all of these new things; climb, jump, draw, talk, run, etc. But they are constantly being told not to do these new things and they don’t understand why. I believe that one of the biggest issues is that parents aren’t explaining enough to their kids, so the child is just frustrated which leads to acting out. Now, I’m not saying that there won’t be days where your child appears to have jumped out of a horror movie, but the way you handle them will make a huge difference.

This is also the stage where you HAVE to be firm with your discipline and make sure that you win every battle. They are testing the waters to see just how much they can get away with, and if you let “little” issues go, then when the big problems arise, they will think that they can get away with it. If you are firm from the beginning, then by the time they’re 2-2 1/2, the attitude might be the same, but you will be able to give a simple command, and they will be quicker to respond.

2 year olds are simply just not understood. Imagine if you got a brand new car, and you were super excited to drive it, but every time you took it out, you got pulled over? It’s the same thing! They have all of these new abilities, but they don’t know the rules and limits that come with them. So, instead of getting angry at your toddler for getting into something or making a mess, simply explain why they can’t do that. They aren’t being troublesome to just piss you off….yet… They just need some love 🙂

So before you bite off your child’s head for spilling their milk for the umpteenth time, just remember that they are still learning, and when they throw themselves on the floor in a fit, calm discipline and a little love is what they need. Not to be yelled at, guilt tripped, or shamed.

To make things easier for you, remember the times when they aren’t driving you nuts 🙂

Don’t just exist

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the upcoming year and what all it will, and what I hope it will, bring with it. I know many of you are already writing your new year’s resolutions, which will be acted out the first month and then forgotten by Valentines, but I want to do more. I want to become something, and someone, better than I’ve ever been.

I spent much of my 2015 year stressed and bored while I sat on my couch and did nothing about it. I was pregnant, and that became my excuse. I “couldn’t” go get a job because I was pregnant and had a toddler, but in reality, people do that all the time. The truth is, I didn’t get a job because I didn’t want to leave my baby with someone other than myself. I didn’t want someone else raising my kid. Towards the end of the year, I did apply for a job, but didn’t get it. I toyed with the idea of working from home, but being a skeptic, I was afraid to risk money that needed to be going to bills and debts. So, because of these factors, I spent a lot of my year worrying about money, wishing I could do more about it, not doing anything about it. I cried, I complained, I got angry, and I got stressed out, but I didn’t DO anything. I was being the type of person that I criticize. I can’t stand people who constantly complain about something, but don’t do anything to fix it, but yet, I had become one of those people. I have realized that, and my new years resolution is to DO something.

God recently opened a door for me to possibly nanny a boy from my mommy group. At first, I didn’t even think about it simply because I had thousands of “what if’s” running through my mind. What if I get overwhelmed with three kids? What if I don’t know what to do with a kid who’s not mine? What if he is a trouble child? The list goes on and on. But, instead of shutting it down without even thinking about it, I messaged the mom and offered to watch him. So, it worked out that I would have a few days with him to see if it was going to work out, and then if it worked, I could become his full time nanny. It’s a stretch for me, but I am willing to at least try it. I had to come to a realization that the worst that could happen is that it didn’t work out and I could just not go full time with it. I’m not going to lie, the doubt is still there, the “what if’s” are still there, but I’m not going to just sit around in my comfort zone and wait for a more “convenient” opportunity to present itself. I’m going to do something about my situation.

I have been talking to my brother about quantum theory and the idea that you can change your environment and situation simply by focusing on it. Sure, you can have your own thoughts about the universe and whether or not you believe it’s ever changing, but what we have talked about sure makes a heck of a lot of sense to me. Basically, they have been studying behaviors, yes I said behaviors, of individual molecules, and what they have found is astounding. Molecules behave a certain way on their own, but when they are being observed, they act in accordance to which they are expected to behave. Everything around us is made up of tiny little molecules. Therefore, our surroundings are behaving based on how we expect them to. So, if we anticipate that we our going to have a bad day, then everything we look at and focus on will, theoretically, behave the way we expect it to, which in this case would be negatively. Thus, if we want to have a great day, it would only make sense that first, we need to change our mindset. We need to think positively and think about what we want to happen. Not only would our environment reflect a more positive “aura”, but we would be happier because we would be expecting better things to happen and therefore would be more likely to notice the good things about our day instead of the bad.

Because of the quantum theory being brought to my attention, I have noticed that it is easier for me to quickly redirect my thoughts and emotions toward more positive thinking as long as I have a goal to keep. I want my family to enjoy being around me and to feel good in our home, so it only makes sense to focus on the good things so that everything around me can reflect the same.

Sure, I may sound crazy, but I have always believed that what you say has an effect on your surroundings, so why can’t the things we think have the same effect? I like thinking that God is bigger than what we have been taught. That he is cooler than just the “guy in the sky”. Don’t put God in a box, you’re just limiting yourself if you do. Don’t just exist in this world, be something, DO something, change something, but don’t just be here.

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Away on a vacay.

Hello again friend! I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything new, but things around my house have been crazy due to the holidays. But, I’m finally back and ready to throw useless knowledge and chatter at you.

During the holidays, I spent time with my family and my inlaws. It was so busy, I barely had time to sleep! Literally, I barely slept, which is why I’m questioning why the hell im awake right now! But, nevertheless, I’m here. It was a pretty decent vacation. My relatives wanted to see more of my girls, so we got a chance to go a few days early. Then, on the way back, we got held up in traffic so we got to stay another night with my inlaws and grandpa 🙂

The day we got back, my good friend came to visit, and is still here now! We are really enjoying having her here.

Overall, we had a great time. We ate too much, went to bed too late, and got up too early. But, we got to see friends and family, so it was definitely worth it! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and if I don’t get back to you before then, have a great new year!

Stress be gone

Dealing with kids is never easy, but dealing with your own kids can pose even more challenges. Kids belonging to someone else can easily be sent home when they become troublesome, but when they’re your own children, you have to handle the issue, whatever it may be, and doing this can bring on loads of stress. This tension is never good, especially for a mother, because it tends to make you uptight, irritable, and down right ugly. So what one should do is find an outlet that allows them to shed said stress. Well, I have found my outlet, yoga.

     I took a yoga class as a PE one semester in college, and it was wonderful. But because we were learning about it, we never really got to do a whole lot of it. Over the years since then, I’ve done a little yoga here and there, but only one or two sequences. Just recently, however, I have decided to really devote myself to doing about 30 minutes or so a day, and it has really been paying off. I found a web series class that is really great. The woman’s voice is so soothing, I know it sounds silly but it helps. She does short sessions, and the best part is that it’s yoga for weight loss, so not only am I getting my stress out, but I’m getting exercise too! I will add the link to her video at the end of the post.

     Since I’ve been doing her class, which has been 3 days 😄, I’ve been so relaxed, more pleasant to be around, and actually craving to do more. It’s not like regular exercise where you have to get all sweaty and pump iron to get results. It uses your own body weight as resistance and limbers you up at the same time. I want to do more because when you finish, you’re not tired, you’re more relaxed. It’s that relaxation that makes me go back for more. On top of all that, I’ve been feeling thinner and more tone in just 3 days!

     Honestly, if you want to get in shape and feel great doing it, try yoga. I know, some of you are thinking that only skinny girls can do yoga, but I’m saying posh! Have you seen me?! I am the opposite of skinny. You just find a beginner class that works for you, and work your way up. It’s definitely worth it!

Be fit, be relaxed, you owe it to yourself 😉
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Simply me

Lately, I’ve been hesitant to write about myself. I don’t like to write about negativity, and lately, things have been very hard. I can find good things through the bad, but I’ve been tempted to vent and that’s not what I want to write about. Well, things are beginning to change, and now I have more to talk about!

     Recently, I have joined a group of moms who have kids my age. They do play dates weekly and little parties every now and then. Coming up, we have a cookie swap, and I’m really excited! It’s the first big get together that I’ve been a part of, and usually I’d be nervous, but this time, I’m actually really looking forward to it. 

     This group is going to be such a positive thing for us. It will give Chloe other kids to play with, Kimberly kids to grow up with, and I will have other moms to chat with! I have been looking for a group like this ever since we moved here, but it was a slow process. Also, part of me was a little shy about just joining one, and I always found an excuse. This time, I just made up my mind and joined, and I am so glad that I did.

     I will be sure to post about our cookie swap that is this Friday 🙂 I’ll try to get some pictures too. We also have a story time at the local library tomorrow morning 🙂 

     If I hadn’t just decided to put myself out there, I would have these fun things to do, so don’t be afraid to try something new and make new friends!

My little boss

When I decided to have a kid, I didn’t think I was doing a job interview! You spend the first year kissing up to your boss, getting them food anytime they want, wiping their butt, picking out their clothes, and then they turn 2. 

     At 2, you’ve got the job. Now they go around telling you what to do, and if it’s not done right away, you get docked an hour of sleep! Or you miss lunch lol. Well, I’ll tell you what, I have one of the moodiest bosses ever. She comes in my room first thing in the morning, and starts barking orders. “Get me apple juice, I need breakfast, make pancakes!”, and that’s only the first 5 minutes! 

    Not only does she boss me around, she even tells our mascot what to do. “Kimberly, stop crying, you’re ok!” It’s quite cute actually lol. The bossiness isn’t cute, it’s the fact that she thinks she can get away with it! She quickly learned that there’s a new sheriff in town, and it’s name is mom. 

Seriously though, the other day, I popped her hand because she threw food off of her tray for the umpteenth time, and she didn’t cry! No, she looks at me with a frown and says “hey! Don’t spank my hand!” To which I replied with another spanking. Fully expecting her to start crying, she shocked me yet again with “mom I told you, don’t do that to my hand!”. Of course, this ended with me winning after minutes of this back and forth, but boy was it entertaining! 

Honestly moms, I know I joke about this, but I’ve seen too many of you who laugh it off when your 2 year old does that, yet you wonder why your 13 year old is talking back and could care less about what you say. 2 years is not too young for discipline! Heck, 6 months need correction from time to time. Don’t become your child’s slave, catch the attitude now.  Overall, she’s still a wonderful, beautiful girl 🙂