Gordon Christmas Letter ❄️

    Hello again friends and family! This year has certainly been an interesting one to add to the books. We had our ups and downs, but overall, it was full of wonderful aspects. We have learned a lot about being grateful for what we have, and to cherish things in the moment. If I had to do this year over again, there are definitely things I would leave out (like Chris losing his job), but there are so many awesome things that happened to us that I would have to say I would definitely do it again if I had to.      Chris was forcefully tossed around in the job bin for a few months, but finally got out with a great job as a salesman/technician at Firestone Complete Auto Care. He loves being around cars and getting the chance to do what he loves, his coworkers are supportive and are noticing his potential, and the overall environment is uplifting for him. He turned 30 this year, today to be exact (December 3rd), but doesn’t look, or act, a day over 25. His goal is to get several certifications at work and be able to get promoted, but he is happy where he is for now. He is loving his position as a daddy to his two beautiful girls, and the fact that he gets to come home and be greeted at the door by them every night is something that he does not want to lose any time soon.

    Chloe turned 2 this November. I can’t believe how big she has gotten! She has an attitude like her…*ahem* mommy… We call her our little firecracker because she is wild but beautiful. She talks so well and with such thought behind her words that we are constantly having to remind ourselves that she is only 2. She got her big girl bed this past year, which is actually the bunkbeds that I grew up in, and totally loves it. She gets to see her Mimi and Pops quite often, and wishes she could see her Lolli and Papa more often. Her latest feat was learning how to jump, and she will randomly start hopping around the house while demanding that you watch and cheer for her every time. She loves to sing and dance, and she prefers to always have some kind of music playing. That’s my girl! She’s so wonderful to be around and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

    This year, we welcomed a new addition to the family! Kimberly Renee Gordon, who was named after her Lolli and Mimi, was born on July 20th, 2015 at 7:50pm. She came into the world weighing 9lbs 5oz and measuring 21 inches long. She has been nothing but a wonderful, peaceful, happy new person and we love everything about her. Her sissy can’t get enough of her, and bless her heart, she takes Chloe like a champ. She is now 4 ½ months old, and already weighs 20lbs. She eats like it’s going out of style, but is healthy and strong, and I couldn’t be happier. Her latest discovery is her high pitched scream. It is GAWD awful, but you can’t help but just laugh while she screams at you. She laughs, coos, smiles, and loves to play with her toes. She recently learned to roll from her tummy to her back, which is like watching a beached whale try to get back in the ocean, and she’s very close to rolling from back to front. She can’t sit up quite yet, but we don’t really blame her, it would be hard to sit up if our chub to body size ratio was the same as hers! Overall, we love having her and are so very glad that God chose us to be her family.

    As for me, I’m simply loving being a stay at home mommy to my wonderful girls. I have toyed with the idea of working out of the house to make some extra money, but the right opportunity has yet to present itself. I’ve been expanding my cooking skills quite a bit, and my family is far from complaining! I take regular trips to see my parents down in Pasadena, and it makes me wish I were closer. I still pull out my guitar every now and then, but I don’t always have time. I love having Chris home every night. It’s definitely a great change from when he was in the oil field. I have been trying to get myself, and the girls, out into the community a little bit so that we have some friends, and we have met some wonderful people. Other than, that, I spend my days keeping the house together and playing with Chloe and Kimberly. It’s wonderful and I am lucky to have this opportunity to stay at home.

    Well, there you have it! We have all, for the most part, been in good health and spirits. We take the good with the bad and make the most of it all. God has us in a place of learning, and even though we wish it could be over, we have learned a lot from the situations we have been put in. We are so very thankful to have such supportive and loving friends and family, and we hope you know how much we love you all.

    To those we see often, we love seeing you and will probably see you again soon. To those we don’t get to see as often, we wish we could see you more and we hope that this next year will bring more opportunities for us to spend time with each other. Thank you all for being a part of our lives, we really appreciate each and every one of you. You are all special to us and we hope to see you all very soon.


Until next year, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

  Love, Chris, Lindsey, Chloe, and Kimberly Gordon.



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