It’s your life

There is a very common misconception that when you commit to a relationship, you have to give up your life. That you have to live in order to please your spouse. You want to know what I think? That’s bull. Your spouse chose you for who you were as a single person. Sure, there are certain sacrifices you choose to make such as not watching a chick flick every time, but then there are things that you should be able to do for yourself. Your hair, for example. You should be able to cut it and color it how you want without feeling guilty. Your boyfriend/husband should love that you’re happy. Sure it night not be what they prefer for you, but it’s not their body! Be you, and find a man who lets you be yourself.

     That goes right alongside you doing the same for them. Don’t try to change them, which I unfortunately see far too often. Let them dress, talk, and live how they want. Sure, you should make decisions together and live harmoniously, and to do that there has to be sacrifice. But neither of you should have to give up what you like.

     Give each other freedom, and your relationship and life will be much smoother. 



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