My little boss

When I decided to have a kid, I didn’t think I was doing a job interview! You spend the first year kissing up to your boss, getting them food anytime they want, wiping their butt, picking out their clothes, and then they turn 2. 

     At 2, you’ve got the job. Now they go around telling you what to do, and if it’s not done right away, you get docked an hour of sleep! Or you miss lunch lol. Well, I’ll tell you what, I have one of the moodiest bosses ever. She comes in my room first thing in the morning, and starts barking orders. “Get me apple juice, I need breakfast, make pancakes!”, and that’s only the first 5 minutes! 

    Not only does she boss me around, she even tells our mascot what to do. “Kimberly, stop crying, you’re ok!” It’s quite cute actually lol. The bossiness isn’t cute, it’s the fact that she thinks she can get away with it! She quickly learned that there’s a new sheriff in town, and it’s name is mom. 

Seriously though, the other day, I popped her hand because she threw food off of her tray for the umpteenth time, and she didn’t cry! No, she looks at me with a frown and says “hey! Don’t spank my hand!” To which I replied with another spanking. Fully expecting her to start crying, she shocked me yet again with “mom I told you, don’t do that to my hand!”. Of course, this ended with me winning after minutes of this back and forth, but boy was it entertaining! 

Honestly moms, I know I joke about this, but I’ve seen too many of you who laugh it off when your 2 year old does that, yet you wonder why your 13 year old is talking back and could care less about what you say. 2 years is not too young for discipline! Heck, 6 months need correction from time to time. Don’t become your child’s slave, catch the attitude now.  Overall, she’s still a wonderful, beautiful girl 🙂



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