Stress be gone

Dealing with kids is never easy, but dealing with your own kids can pose even more challenges. Kids belonging to someone else can easily be sent home when they become troublesome, but when they’re your own children, you have to handle the issue, whatever it may be, and doing this can bring on loads of stress. This tension is never good, especially for a mother, because it tends to make you uptight, irritable, and down right ugly. So what one should do is find an outlet that allows them to shed said stress. Well, I have found my outlet, yoga.

     I took a yoga class as a PE one semester in college, and it was wonderful. But because we were learning about it, we never really got to do a whole lot of it. Over the years since then, I’ve done a little yoga here and there, but only one or two sequences. Just recently, however, I have decided to really devote myself to doing about 30 minutes or so a day, and it has really been paying off. I found a web series class that is really great. The woman’s voice is so soothing, I know it sounds silly but it helps. She does short sessions, and the best part is that it’s yoga for weight loss, so not only am I getting my stress out, but I’m getting exercise too! I will add the link to her video at the end of the post.

     Since I’ve been doing her class, which has been 3 days 😄, I’ve been so relaxed, more pleasant to be around, and actually craving to do more. It’s not like regular exercise where you have to get all sweaty and pump iron to get results. It uses your own body weight as resistance and limbers you up at the same time. I want to do more because when you finish, you’re not tired, you’re more relaxed. It’s that relaxation that makes me go back for more. On top of all that, I’ve been feeling thinner and more tone in just 3 days!

     Honestly, if you want to get in shape and feel great doing it, try yoga. I know, some of you are thinking that only skinny girls can do yoga, but I’m saying posh! Have you seen me?! I am the opposite of skinny. You just find a beginner class that works for you, and work your way up. It’s definitely worth it!

Be fit, be relaxed, you owe it to yourself 😉
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