Away on a vacay.

Hello again friend! I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything new, but things around my house have been crazy due to the holidays. But, I’m finally back and ready to throw useless knowledge and chatter at you.

During the holidays, I spent time with my family and my inlaws. It was so busy, I barely had time to sleep! Literally, I barely slept, which is why I’m questioning why the hell im awake right now! But, nevertheless, I’m here. It was a pretty decent vacation. My relatives wanted to see more of my girls, so we got a chance to go a few days early. Then, on the way back, we got held up in traffic so we got to stay another night with my inlaws and grandpa 🙂

The day we got back, my good friend came to visit, and is still here now! We are really enjoying having her here.

Overall, we had a great time. We ate too much, went to bed too late, and got up too early. But, we got to see friends and family, so it was definitely worth it! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and if I don’t get back to you before then, have a great new year!


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