Normal bedtime routine. Vs . A mom’s bedtime routine.

Normal routine:

Hmm it’s 10:00, I guess I’ll go to bed!

  • Turn off tv
  • turn off light
  •  brush teeth
  • get undressed
  • go to bed.

A mom’s routine:

Hmm it’s 10:30 and both kids are asleep! I’ll finally get to sleep before 11:00! 

  • Turn off light
  • Remember the laundry outside and swap it
  • Go tuck kids in
  • Get teeth brushed
  • Get undressed and notice flabby pregnancy induced belly
  • Do some sort of work out so you feel better about that flab
  • Try not to think about what DIDN’T get done today
  • Get in bed and fish toys out from under your blankets
  • Lay there thinking about what needs to get done tomorrow 
  • Have so much on your mind you can sleep
  • Fall asleep around 11:30 like every night.

😑 yep…….  But then I remember why I do this every night ❤️❤️❤️



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