What moms really want.

From the outside, the life of a stay at home mom seems like such bliss. You get to stay home all day and do “nothing”, play with your sweet little angel children, and do anything you want. People look at stay at home moms and wish they could have the same joy and bliss that we do. Well, let me give you a closer look at what REALLY is going on in our lives.

We wake up in the morning by our sweet little “angels” hitting us in the face either with their hands or a heavy object, while telling us over and over that they’re hungry. So, even though we want just 5 more minutes (at least) of sleep, we get out of our nice warm bed, unwillingly wipe the sleep from our faces, and go make them some sort of food. Then we spend the next few hours juggling cleaning the house, wiping butts, cleaning pee or poop (or both) off of our children’s body parts which should not have either of those things on them, and getting errands done. In this same sequence of random, and nowhere near restful, events, we have to find time somewhere to go to the bathroom ourselves. When we DO find time to relieve ourselves, we usually are quickly interrupted by our little minions barging into the room and asking us if we’re going pee or poop, then congratulating us on our good job of using the restroom. When we finally get an hour or so of peace while the kids take a nap, that time that we should be using to take a nap ourselves is getting used to make the phone calls we couldn’t make earlier due to screaming kids, wash the dishes, fold laundry (because God knows that can’t get done with toddlers running around), and trying not to fall asleep while doing these things, or taking a shower. When our short lived peace and quiet is over, we then start juggling bored children, crying babies, and trying to get dinner together. I know what you’re thinking, now the hubby is home and he can help…. well HA! to that. Yes, my hubby helps me out a lot when he can, but the help we stay at home moms need is different than that. Once the day is all said and done, and the kids are in bed for the night (or so you hope), we are now faced with a dilemma. We can either go to bed and get a few extra hours of sleep before starting the whole act over again, or we can get some much needed quiet time. I usually choose the latter option, which ends with me completely exhausted the next morning, but the alone time is definitely worth it.

Mom’s don’t want help, we want to take a shower (or maybe even an actual BATH!) without our kid/s throwing toys, phones, and clothes in it. We want to be able to go to the store without having to call “cleanup on aisle 4” at least once. We want to eat a whole chocolate bar BY OURSELVES anytime of the day, not just when the kids are asleep. Mom’s don’t want help, we want our sanity back. We want a full head of hair again. But most of all, we want to remain moms more and more each day, with every crazy, sweet, horrifying thing our child does because in the end, it’s all totally worth it.

I wouldn’t give up being a mom for anything, and yes even a peaceful shower.



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