10 reasons I don’t wear makeup everyday.

If you know me well, you will know that I rarely wear makeup, and when I do, it’s not much. Well here’s why:

10. I like to be able to rub my eyes whenever the heck I want without worrying about looking like a raccoon afterwards.

9. I like to brush my teeth and go to bed. Not spend 10 minutes washing off my face.

8. I don’t want people to be shocked and disgusted when they see me without makeup. (Not that I’m ugly, but I don’t want to give a false front)

7. That crap is expensive! 

6. My face feels heavy when I have it on. Probably because I’m not used to it, but I feel like I’m constantly trying to lift my face with my muscles 😁

5. Have you ever kissed with lipgloss on? It’s like a bad character from candy land!

4. Foundation…. Bleh. I’d have to cake that junk on. I have so many freckles that with just a little foundation, I’d look like I had over powdered.

3. I like to sleep in. I’m not gonna get up just so other people can maybe think that my makeup looks good. I ain’t tryin to impress anyone y’all.

2. When I do wear makeup, I want people to think I look dressed up. Because I usually am only putting it on when I’m dressed up.

1. I like my face just fine the way it is 🙂 


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