The texas tornado and baby shamu

My kids are great. They keep me on my toes, make me happier than I could ever be, but they also make me more exhausted than I have ever been in my life. I’m not even kidding, I wake up in the morning exhausted, AND I JUST WOKE UP! I’m not up all night with the baby like I used to be, but maybe getting up once is throwing me off or something. Whatever it is, it’s ridiculous. Today, I was remembering my stay in the hospital with Kimberly, and for a brief second (a VERY brief second), I thought how nice it would be to have another baby JUST so I could have that kind of rest again. I go anything I wanted brought to me, I could sleep with no interruptions, my baby ate and slept and that was IT, and I didn’t have to ever get dressed if I didn’t want to! Yes, I know, it’s crazy to want another kid just for that reason because after those few days of heaven, you get a lifetime of insanity. Okay, so maybe not another kid… but I would love that kind of opportunity again lol

Lately, I don’t know if it’s something she’s been eating or what but, Chloe has been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO crazy! Like, run around the house flailing her arms and head about, screaming and laughing at the top of her lungs, crazy. I’d like to blame it on sugar, tea, anything, but it begins as soon as she opens those wild little eyes. She is like Hammy off of “Over the Hedge”. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! It keeps my days from being boring for sure, but the energy that goes into her being happy also goes into her being upset. She doesn’t really throw tantrums, it’s mostly when she gets frustrated at something. For example, she was trying to fit a little toy into her toy car, and it wouldn’t sit the way she wanted it to, so she threw the toy and the car across the room! lol I know it’s not funny, but it was. I’ve been teaching her ways to curb her outbursts when she’s mad, like taking a deep breath and thinking about what she needs to do, and it’s been doing her some good. She’s a good girl, but we definitely need to work on her attitude. But then again, she’s 2, and what 2 year old doesn’t have some adjustments that need doing? Exactly.

My now almost 6 month old (wow time flies) is getting her own little personality. The top of the lungs screaming has begun to fade I’m thrilled to say, but it has been replaced with this low grunting/whining noise. I’m not going to complain because anything is better than that shrill shriek she used to do. She is the complete opposite of Chloe. She loves to just sit around and play with her toys now. She just mastered the sitting thing though, and gets really upset if you lay her down instead of sitting her up lol She has also started on solids. I wasn’t going to full on get her going on them, but after a few tastes, she would get so mad if I didn’t feed her when we ate.So, now she eats when we eat lol.

My girls couldn’t be any more opposite, but I wouldn’t know what to do if they had the same personality. I’d probably be insane… I know this post didn’t have much “juice”, but I like to write about what’s on my heart, and today, my girls were the main topic 🙂


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