Some days, I find myself thinking about sleep and only sleep. Whether I got enough of it or not, and usually the latter, it’s constantly running through my mind. It’s strange how something that we do so easily can effect our lives with such greatness! This only gets more true as we have children, and I can testify to that any day.

     My oldest, Chloe, has never been a good sleeper. She was up every few hours at night as a baby, and even though she’s two now, we still have troubles. We constantly find her climbing in bed with us as 3am and making herself comfortable at our expense. Her little curly redheaded self will come climbing up our bed, and she will literally burrow herself in between us. But, she doesn’t like to be covered up, so she will kick all of the blankets off of herself, and because she’s in the middle, we lose our nice warmth as well. Then, she will shove me off of my pillow and snuggle up next to her daddy, who is a heater when he sleeps, and fall right back to sleep in a horizontal position with her feet in my back. It’s safe to say that I don’t sleep well when she gets up. But, to add on top of all of … Well, HER!, I still get up with the baby at night.

     Kimberly is completely opposite of her older sister. She takes multiple naps during the day, goes to sleep like a champ at night, and only gets up once at night (maybe) to eat. It’s great! Unless that one time is the third time you’ve had to get out of bed that night… But really, she’s great!

     After all of the ups and downs at night, my girls still manage to wake up bright and cheery at 8:00am, and I just want to roll away (far, FAR, away) and go back to sleep. We all know that luxuries like that don’t happen to us moms, so I end up running on a very broken 4-6 hours of sleep. So it makes sense why sleep is the only thing I can think of during the day. Napping is an option, but I’m never tired until about 6pm, then it hits me like a buffalo in a wild stampede! 

     Sleep…. You whore….


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