Something new – Day #2

Today was a little less… tight I guess you could say lol. After seeing just how easy it was to drop calories, I allowed myself to splurge a little today. Not necessarily junk food, but portion size and certain ingredients were allowed this time. The main reason I decided to blog about my journey was so that everyone reading this can see how easy it is to cut a few calories, and know that you don’t have to stop eating your favorite foods! I was always afraid that if I was going to cut calories, I’d have to start eating like a rabbit and cut out everything I liked. Well, here I am, and it’s not like that at ALL! Now, I do eat certain things that are the healthier choice, and they may be different than what you would choose, but I’m quickly finding that I don’t have to. Also, I started this quest with the goal to not eat something different than what my family is eating. Therefore, I eat the same breakfast, not always lunch, and dinner that my family does. So, here’s day two!

Breakfast: I’m trying to stay away from carbohydrates and sugars, but my baby girl wanted pancakes this morning, so I did what I needed to lol.

2 pancakes/2 Tbsp of peanut butter – 148/190                                                                                         1 cup of coffee w/ 1Tbsp of creamer -25                                                                                                       Total = 343

Now, this total for breakfast was much higher than my breakfast yesterday, but my goal is no more than 1600 calories in a day, so that allows for just over 500 calories each meal, which, now that I’ve started counting, 500 is a LOT of food!

Lunch: for lunch, I had a choice to make. Chloe wanted boxed macaroni and cheese which, as many of you know, because it’s prepackaged, it has a higher calorie and sodium count. So, I could have had 1 cup of macaroni and cheese prepared (which would not have filled me up very much), and it would have cost me about 350 calories. Or, I could eat what I did which was a whole 6oz can of salmon mixed with 1/4 cup of ricotta cheese and a few Tbsp of dill relish. Basically, I made tuna salad with salmon, and ricotta instead of mayo.

6oz canned salmon – 210                                                                                                                                  1/4c. Ricotta cheese – 110                                                                                                                                relish – 0 calories!                                                                                                                                              Total = 320

I was very happy with my choice because I got very full off of my lunch! If I had gone Mac n cheese route, I would have been left hungry and filled with empty carbs.

Dinner: This was a tricky situation. I had made some Ice cream for chloe and splurged a little on tasting it and such, so I’m mainly averaging my calorie count on this one. Also, I made a stew so it was hard to get an exact amount of each ingredient.

1 medium bowl of lentil and sausage stew – about 230                                                                          1 scoop(ish) of icecream – roughly 200                                                                                                     3 saltine crackers – about 40                                                                                                                          Total = 470

So for my daily total, I rounded it to about 1133 calories. That’s much higher than my total yesterday, but if you look at what I was able to eat today versus yesterday, it’s pretty impressive!

My day today was pretty interesting which led to the Ice cream splurge. I started the day pretty early…well, middle of the night actually. Kimberly was up several times, followed by the notorious Chloe climbing into our bed. Once we were up (much earlier than I would have liked), I made breakfast, and it just went downhill from there. Chloe thought I would be amused by her making a mess with every single thing she touched. It seemed as if I would clean up one mess, only to turn around and see her dumping the just cleaned box of toys back onto the floor. We took a much needed outing to the library where she proceeded to cry/whine and tell me every reason why she didn’t want to stay in the stroller, and why it was a much better idea for HER to pick the books. Once we finally got out of there and made it home, I let her help me make her lunch, which I usually do anyway. Today, however, her hands were drawn to every. single. thing. on. the. friggin. counter… after she was settled at the table with her lunch, (oh, did I mention she previously ran squealing into the hallway, waking up her sleeping sister?… yeah..) she decides her pasta needed a massage, and proceeded to squish the noodles until her hands were covered with them. I took a quick recess to the restroom, and came back, literally a minute later, to find that she had dumped her entire bowl onto the table and was giving those dang little maggots a full body massage! Mac and cheese ALL over the table, floor, her, her sissy, EVERYWHERE! At this point, I’d had it up to HERE! And her only answer was “but I was done!”. Weeeelllll I’m about done with YOU little girl!. So, we took a very quick trip to the bank and Walmart, and I rushed her home for a nap. Fast forward to dinner time. We were sitting down for dinner and she wanted a drink, so I gave her a mixture (her request) of white grape and orange juice. She grabbed it, and before I had realized it, she had chugged about half of it…. I know, there goes dinner right? Well it only gets better!. So, she chugs her juice and sits down in front of her bowl of stew (which looks like slop but tastes AMAZING!). She took one look and decided she wasn’t gonna have it, and kept saying how her tummy hurt, which of course was because of the juice chug. Well, me being a gal raised where you eat what’s been made, I told her she had to eat it and that was that. So I put ONE bite of sausage on her tongue (she LOVES sausage), and she gags and spits it out. SO, she got a spanking for spitting her food out after I’d told her not to, and she way overreacted and started screaming. I could tell that she had a little of the food left on her tongue because she kept trying to get it off while screaming/gagging. I told her she was going to make herself throw up, so I gave her a Walmart bag, and not a second too soon! She spews into the bag, and starts bawling MORE because she just threw up. So I go throw the bag away and head for another one (because the first had a hole!!), and she projectiles all over herself, the floor, her chair, and luckily missed the table and sissy. Then, that girl… OOOHHH that girl!…. had the nerve to say, ever so calmly, “well, my tummy feels better now, and I’m done eating. Can I have some Ice cream?” NO!!!!! YOU MAY NOT HAVE SOME FRIGGIN ICE CREAM!….. I didn’t yell… I actually kept my cool for having been through this natural disaster. I simply told her she had to eat dinner before she could have some, and that she was getting a bath first. So, I had to leave my half-fed, crying, hungry little baby sitting in her highchair while I bathed my puke-covered 2 year old. But once that was over with, I finished feeding the baby, bathed her, and got her to bed on time. Then, I made Chloe some peppermint tea to drink with her cheese and crackers (because lord knows that damn stew was NOT important enough to go through vomit again!), and we snuggled and read our library books. The day ended really great, she didn’t put up any fight at bedtime, we all were friends at the end of the day, and I am now sitting here finally resting. So, all is well… now…

And here’s my ice cream!



Something new

Ever since I was little, I’ve been pretty self conscious about my weight. After I met Chris, I stopped worrying so much about it, but I was also in the best shape I’ve ever been in. After I got married and pregnant, I didn’t really care how I looked because I was pregnant lol and I was fine until after I had Kimberly. I am now 20lbs heavier than I was before Chloe, and although it’s not a whole lot, it’s still bothering me so much! I find myself putting myself down and stressing out about it, then eating because I’m stressed, then stressing because I’m eating! So it’s been a vicious cycle. So, I’ve decided to make a change. 

      I’ve never counted calories when losing weight before. I just changed what I ate and I did pretty well. But lately, I’ve had a tough time with watching what I’m eating, so I’ve decided to count my calories and really focus on how much I’m eating. I also have decided to start getting some more exercise. It’s not going to be easy, and I need some accountability because I know after one really stressful day, I’ll break. This is why I’m going to do a month long series following my daily experience with my lifestyle change! I know it sounds boring, but I’ll be going over what I’m eating, the exact calories, and my exercise for the day. I realized after just this one day of counting calories, I can actually eat normally and still have a small calorie number! I actually surprised myself! So, here we go.

    Day #1 – 3/28/16


This was my jump. I knew that if I didn’t start my day off with a healthy choice, that I would make excuses throughout the day and end up cheating.                         So, for my breakfast, I had:

 1 slice of whole wheat toast.  – 60 cal.                      1 tbsp of peanut butter – 95 cal.                                  a cup of coffee with 1 tbsp of liquid creamer – 25 cal.

Total = 180 calories.

After seeing this number, I was pleasantly surprised! I was satisfied and didn’t wind up still hungry, and that was about 1/10 of my daily allowance! (1600)

For lunch, I planned what I was going to eat long before lunch time. That way, I didn’t get really hungry and over eat. 

I had a grilled cheese sandwich with 3 ultra thin slices of lunch meat. With a thick slice of cheese 110 cal., 2 pieces of bread 120 cal., and the meat 90 cal per 2 oz. It totaled about 320 calories. And I melted a tiny bit of butter in the pan before I put my sandwich in, but didn’t add more after I flipped it. For drink, I had water. Again, I ate an entire sandwich without even hitting 500 calories! 

Dinner: I made dinner for the family, which was dirty rice, spinach, tomatoes, corn, and pork sausage. The rice, if I had added chicken, would have been 260 calories for a cup. So I averaged it to be about 300 calories for dinner (I still had a cup).

There you have it, about 800 calories in a day, and I am fine! I was a little hungry after dinner, but it was enough to satisfy me.

As for my workout, I won’t go into detail, but I did some cardio mixed with toning for about an hour and a half. 

If you want more detail, just ask 🙂 

Back again!

Well, here we are! It’s been a while since I’ve graced you all with my presence, but things around here have been a little crazy. We added a new addition to the family! Jake, who is our 10 month old mutt (boarder collie, lab, retriever mix), is mostly Chloe’s dog, but seeing that he’s the same size as her, Chris and I mostly take care of him for now lol but it’s all good! Other than that, we’ve just been busy with little things that have all added up. 

     To give you a better idea of how busy I’ve been, I just looked over and had to tell my super mischievous 2 year old to get out of the kitchen sink…. Mind you, she was told to simply wash her hands… But such is my life every day! Except now, I have an 8 month old who demands as much attention as… Well as my 2 year old lol. They’re really great though! Just the other day, Chloe was fresh out of the bath, walked up to me sitting on the floor, and shook her bare neked little booty RIGHT in my face, and simply walked away as if nothing happened! She’s a nut! I love it! Lol

      Lately, we’ve been dealing with the “why?” Phase. It. Is. All. Daaaaay! Wash hands “why?”, sit down “why?”, eat dinner “why?”. And that was just in the past 5 minutes! I swear, it’s like trying to work with a child!!!…. Oh wait…. But really, I wonder daily when my baby turned into a teenager! It definitely has its ups and downs. I love that we can have a normal conversation, but I don’t like how those conversations quickly turn into a 13 year old meltdown. Hopefully I get used to it lol.

     Another fun thing about my toddler is that she is a bottomless pit. She can eat a full, 2 egg, piece of toast, 1/2 a banana breakfast, and 5 minutes later be asking for a snack! She just finished dinner, and she came back into the kitchen asking for a snack. Mind you, JUST FINISHED A FULL DINNER! And it’s not like she’s eating little bits here and there, no, she’s eating a full breakfast, full lunch, and full dinner, yet still snacking all day. It is truly incredible. If I ate as much as she does, I’d be a cow!. 

…… Speaking of cow, have you seen my 8month old??? She recently graduated into 18 month clothes which are quickly becoming too tight. Length wise, they’re great, but man, they’re busting at the seams. She’s super fun right now. Smiles, laughs, and talks all the time, still naps and sleeps great, eats when we eat and still nurses every 4-5 hours, and loves her big sis.

     I have my good days and bad, but overall, I have a great situation 🙂 I love my husband, he’s really so great❤️. And my girls, well, you know! Lol they’re crazy (my 2 year old just informed me from the other room that she was pooping because she didn’t feel good. But now she feels better), and I’m sure they get it from me because lord knows I’m a handful lol but I wouldn’t change it for the world 🙂 Keep the crazy coming I say!…. But a little calm is ok too…