Back again!

Well, here we are! It’s been a while since I’ve graced you all with my presence, but things around here have been a little crazy. We added a new addition to the family! Jake, who is our 10 month old mutt (boarder collie, lab, retriever mix), is mostly Chloe’s dog, but seeing that he’s the same size as her, Chris and I mostly take care of him for now lol but it’s all good! Other than that, we’ve just been busy with little things that have all added up. 

     To give you a better idea of how busy I’ve been, I just looked over and had to tell my super mischievous 2 year old to get out of the kitchen sink…. Mind you, she was told to simply wash her hands… But such is my life every day! Except now, I have an 8 month old who demands as much attention as… Well as my 2 year old lol. They’re really great though! Just the other day, Chloe was fresh out of the bath, walked up to me sitting on the floor, and shook her bare neked little booty RIGHT in my face, and simply walked away as if nothing happened! She’s a nut! I love it! Lol

      Lately, we’ve been dealing with the “why?” Phase. It. Is. All. Daaaaay! Wash hands “why?”, sit down “why?”, eat dinner “why?”. And that was just in the past 5 minutes! I swear, it’s like trying to work with a child!!!…. Oh wait…. But really, I wonder daily when my baby turned into a teenager! It definitely has its ups and downs. I love that we can have a normal conversation, but I don’t like how those conversations quickly turn into a 13 year old meltdown. Hopefully I get used to it lol.

     Another fun thing about my toddler is that she is a bottomless pit. She can eat a full, 2 egg, piece of toast, 1/2 a banana breakfast, and 5 minutes later be asking for a snack! She just finished dinner, and she came back into the kitchen asking for a snack. Mind you, JUST FINISHED A FULL DINNER! And it’s not like she’s eating little bits here and there, no, she’s eating a full breakfast, full lunch, and full dinner, yet still snacking all day. It is truly incredible. If I ate as much as she does, I’d be a cow!. 

…… Speaking of cow, have you seen my 8month old??? She recently graduated into 18 month clothes which are quickly becoming too tight. Length wise, they’re great, but man, they’re busting at the seams. She’s super fun right now. Smiles, laughs, and talks all the time, still naps and sleeps great, eats when we eat and still nurses every 4-5 hours, and loves her big sis.

     I have my good days and bad, but overall, I have a great situation 🙂 I love my husband, he’s really so great❤️. And my girls, well, you know! Lol they’re crazy (my 2 year old just informed me from the other room that she was pooping because she didn’t feel good. But now she feels better), and I’m sure they get it from me because lord knows I’m a handful lol but I wouldn’t change it for the world 🙂 Keep the crazy coming I say!…. But a little calm is ok too… 




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