Something new

Ever since I was little, I’ve been pretty self conscious about my weight. After I met Chris, I stopped worrying so much about it, but I was also in the best shape I’ve ever been in. After I got married and pregnant, I didn’t really care how I looked because I was pregnant lol and I was fine until after I had Kimberly. I am now 20lbs heavier than I was before Chloe, and although it’s not a whole lot, it’s still bothering me so much! I find myself putting myself down and stressing out about it, then eating because I’m stressed, then stressing because I’m eating! So it’s been a vicious cycle. So, I’ve decided to make a change. 

      I’ve never counted calories when losing weight before. I just changed what I ate and I did pretty well. But lately, I’ve had a tough time with watching what I’m eating, so I’ve decided to count my calories and really focus on how much I’m eating. I also have decided to start getting some more exercise. It’s not going to be easy, and I need some accountability because I know after one really stressful day, I’ll break. This is why I’m going to do a month long series following my daily experience with my lifestyle change! I know it sounds boring, but I’ll be going over what I’m eating, the exact calories, and my exercise for the day. I realized after just this one day of counting calories, I can actually eat normally and still have a small calorie number! I actually surprised myself! So, here we go.

    Day #1 – 3/28/16


This was my jump. I knew that if I didn’t start my day off with a healthy choice, that I would make excuses throughout the day and end up cheating.                         So, for my breakfast, I had:

 1 slice of whole wheat toast.  – 60 cal.                      1 tbsp of peanut butter – 95 cal.                                  a cup of coffee with 1 tbsp of liquid creamer – 25 cal.

Total = 180 calories.

After seeing this number, I was pleasantly surprised! I was satisfied and didn’t wind up still hungry, and that was about 1/10 of my daily allowance! (1600)

For lunch, I planned what I was going to eat long before lunch time. That way, I didn’t get really hungry and over eat. 

I had a grilled cheese sandwich with 3 ultra thin slices of lunch meat. With a thick slice of cheese 110 cal., 2 pieces of bread 120 cal., and the meat 90 cal per 2 oz. It totaled about 320 calories. And I melted a tiny bit of butter in the pan before I put my sandwich in, but didn’t add more after I flipped it. For drink, I had water. Again, I ate an entire sandwich without even hitting 500 calories! 

Dinner: I made dinner for the family, which was dirty rice, spinach, tomatoes, corn, and pork sausage. The rice, if I had added chicken, would have been 260 calories for a cup. So I averaged it to be about 300 calories for dinner (I still had a cup).

There you have it, about 800 calories in a day, and I am fine! I was a little hungry after dinner, but it was enough to satisfy me.

As for my workout, I won’t go into detail, but I did some cardio mixed with toning for about an hour and a half. 

If you want more detail, just ask 🙂 


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