Something new. Continued. GREAT RESULTS!

Ok so, I missed my blog a few days lol BUT! I have kept up with my calorie log and will update you all now! 

     So, I am VERY happy with my recent results, and I want you to know that this lifestyle change has been SO much easier than I had thought it would be, and my results are so great! I’m on day 11 of my challenge, and here are the results as of this morning!

I started out at 186. I know, shocker! I don’t like putting my weight out for everyone to know, but after starting with ItWorks, I’ve really changed my mindset on a lot, and not being ashamed of myself is part of it 🙂 Well, I weighed myself this morning, and I am now down to 176! 10 lbs in 10 days!!! Amazing! I’m really excited because I didn’t see these type of results coming out of this! And I’m not killing myself!

     So my average calories each day have been between 950-1300. Some days I go over, but it’s usually when I’ve had a cheat. So that’s not too bad! I have been choosing the better choices for meals, but I don’t eat like a rabbit. I have real people food lol so here are the highlights from this past week

Day 7

2 cheese pancakes – 319, 1/2 c yogurt – 100 =419

1 med bowl Chicken noodle soup about 230

1 bun – 100, 2 1/2 weenies – 375, total =475

Total = 1124

Day 8

1 cup yogurt 200, 2 graham crackers 130, 1 med banana 105 = 435

I slice pizza -340
1 1/2 scoops chili Mac – 445, 1 bowl cereal 110
Total= 1330
Day 9 I had about 1460 calories for the day, but the meals weren’t anything special

Day 10
Coco wheaties- 170, Coffee – 50 =220
Oven chicken on flatbread- 350, 1/2 cookie – 35 =385
1 med bowl spaghetti – 445
Total = 1050

So you notice I stayed between about 900 and 1300. I have yet to hit my 1600 calorie mark. 

It’s really amazing what a little (and I mean little) exercise and self control can do! I’ve been getting about an hour of light exercise, walking, minimal toning, every other day or so, and that paired with my calorie counting is really paying off! 


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