The real treasures in life.

As I lay here in bed, with my husband fast asleep along with my sweet girls, I can’t help but to think back on my day. Nothing extremely exciting happened, but it was full of… Well… Situations. Either I was griping at my husband (which he didn’t deserve), he was griping at me (which I know I asked for), or one of the girls was crying. There was plenty of stuff that needed to be done but barely any of it got done. It just felt like we couldn’t get it together. To top it all off, the baby had a stomach ache but wouldn’t latch to nurse, so she was hungry as well. I finally had to thaw and warm a bottle from the freezer so she could eat and calm down. This was after 45 minutes of crying due to tummy ache. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my night. Anyway, I was surfing Facebook, and someone had posted a very good piece of advice. It was a story of a woman who kept track of how many times her kids looked for her attention, and how she would have missed it all if she had been on her phone or computer. It hit me hard. I’ll admit, I probably spend way too much time on my phone when I should be doing something constructive with my daughters. I never thought about it in the sense that I’m missing out on their lives. Because of this, I vowed to never let my phone get in the way of my girls. 

     So, put your phone of computer down now, and go love on your kids! They’re only kids for a short while, so treasure that moment! 

P.s this post would have been more in depth, but I’m falling asleep so goodnight 


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