For those who took my last post on Christianity and Homosexuality wrong…

Honestly, I know I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m sitting here having to write to you, but I am. Mostly because you obviously only read the parts of that post that you wanted to and didn’t finish it because if you did, you would not have gotten upset in the first place. So, without further ado, I will explain my reasoning behind my choices in religion, and my opinion on homosexuality, and it will hopefully be in terms that you can understand.

I do not call myself a christian. Why? Well I’ll tell you. I grew up in a christian church, and although it taught me some good things and was a good experience, I was taught a lot of different things about being a “good” christian, and a lot of them were conflicting with each other. This led me to doing my own research on said subjects because obviously I wasn’t getting a clear answer from the leaders of the church. I won’t go into detail on which subjects simply because it doesn’t matter right now. Through all of my research and PERSONAL bible studies and late nights awake talking to God, I realized that the only way I could get a clear answer is by asking the man himself! So, why was I going to bible studies and services? Well, friends to be honest, and THAT’S OK! That’s what church is for!! A place to talk and fellowship with other believers. Not a place for someone to tell me that prayers are stronger when said out loud, or a place where people tell me that God will speak louder to me when my cleavage is hidden. I don’t call myself a christian, because a lot of people who are not believers run when you tell them that. Why do they run? Because they are being told that they have to act and talk and walk and live JUST right, or they’re not “good” Christians. I tell people that I believe in God and have a GREAT relationship with him, and I’m more than happy to talk to them about it, but I’m not going to push or prod or guilt them into coming and sitting for 2 hours listening to stories they’ve heard a million times. Church is great, don’t get me wrong, but the indoctrination of a belief that we all have to be “good little boys and girls” is NOT my cup of tea.

Another reason I choose not to call myself a christian is because I want my kids to learn how to have a personal relationship with God. A relationship where they follow their conscience and follow the holy spirit and talk to God themselves. Not one where they have to go through all of the “cleansing” processes in order to get an appointment once a week to talk to the “boss” upstairs. Personally, that’s bogus and I prefer to be able to ask God a quick question, and know exactly when he’s talking to me and know that I’m getting good information. I don’t want my kids thinking that in order to have a relationship with God, they have to be a part of a religion. Because if they for some reason are pushed out of that church or are turned off by that particular religion, I don’t want them thinking that their relationship with God ends there because it most certainly does NOT! I’ve had too many friends say they “don’t follow God” or “don’t believe in God” anymore because someone in a church talked down to them, made them feel guilty for living a certain lifestyle, and they decided that they’d rather be able to live the way they were living instead of “believing in God”. Well, I don’t want people to think that you have to change your lifestyle in order to get into heaven! Jesus did NOT say that if we wanted to get into heaven, we had to change everything we were doing and start living a boring life, he said “believe that I am the son of God” and that he came and changed the whole game for us and made us free. So, I do believe he is the son of God and died so I didn’t have to. I firmly believe that I’m not going to hell for not going to church or not calling myself a christian. I also believe that Homosexuals are not being sent to hell for living the way they live, and I know that Jesus loves them unconditionally and I should to. I’m not going to shun them or talk behind their backs or tell them that they are wrong because I DON’T KNOW and neither should you! God is the ultimate judge, and we are here ONLY to love!!!!

So, is homosexuality a sin? I can’t say yes or no because when Jesus died on that cross, he changed the WHOLE game, so sure, to one person it might be, but to another, it might not be! In the end, it’s not my call, not my problem, not my business, so I’m just going to love them as if they were better than me. End. Of. Story.


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